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Thread: 5th Trial (CN102B_HK) people walking?

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    What results are you all talking about
    There is nothing confusing in my statements,
    what is confusing is the news conveyed on this site that within a trial programme that is assessing cell safety and efficacy patients classified as ASIA A have achieved walking

    if one cannot prove/disprove that ASIA A patients could not achieve this walking status without cell treatment what are we then talking about.

    Dr Wise (if this is you)please caution the information you put out on this site.

    I do expect this particular trial will submit its findings for independent scientific reviews in the approriate venues.

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    double post

    double post
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterf View Post

    If these results confirm that ASIA A patients could not have achieved walking without cell therapy this would be nobel prize material and work wonders for cell investment funding. The venue to publish such results is not a newsletter nor an internet site.
    The mean post injurytime was 13 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BSP1136 View Post
    ... Most likely they are walking bc of cpg. If these people stopped their 666 training their body would forget how to walk.
    That being said this study does show some type of regeneration and is unbelievably exciting.
    I agree! Phase III will show what is working and why!
    What we know now is one thing for sure:
    Kunming experience in PHYSIO component of this program is crucial!
    If their "tight rope walking" technique in 6 hours / 6 days / 6 months program can contribute ASIA A patient to walk again,
    than what can be done to ASIA B, ASIA C Incomplete Injuries with this type of vigorous exercise ?!

    I know Dr. Wise posted explanation of this exercise technique but I am still looking
    for Video of this walking exercise - specially part where patient walking with rope tightening and pulling knees in lock position and releasing for step

    Paradox is that exercise is the most expensive component for this trial.
    Even if this exercise program alone shows THE BEST PERCENTAGE of RECOVERY so far,
    I can still see that western physio based on $$$ math of 864 physio hours times cost
    of physio-therapist hour will be opposing this "expensive" program.

    However, If patient with his / her own friends or family can organize exercise as close as possible to
    exercise in Kunming / used for this trial and get better with posture, standing and even walking,
    Videos from Kunming and more information about this exercise would be invaluable!!!!
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    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
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    Please be patient. We will get the data published in a good peer-reviewed journal. At the present, we are presenting preliminary data to various groups that we are meeting, so that we can get professional opinions and consensus on the upcoming clinical trial. People are demanding to see videos and so on forth. We cannot show them on internet. The goal is to get the phase III trial going so that we can confirm our preliminary results in a well designed and executed phase III trial that is randomized, blinded, and controlled. Wise.

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