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Thread: 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite Braun fold out

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    2011 Honda Odyssey Elite Braun fold out

    2011 Honda Ody Elite $49,500 obo Dark cherry, loaded, fold out Braun conv ramp van. 30K miles, Wells-enberg hand controls, b&d six way power drivers seat, retractor tie downs, power parking brake, power pull system, dual battery, mid area wheelchair flooring. many pics avail. Listed here and disabled dealer.. any suggestions on other places? In NE Ohio are but transportation can be negotiated. PM me with any questions/ help

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    You might want to see if local rehabilitation centers will allow you to post an ad on one of their bulletin boards, or give a flyer to their social workers or case managers. Also, try your local Craig's List. Some organization such as the MS Society may have local newsletters that run ads as well.


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    Do you see where it says junior member? Well if there was a title below that I would be there. How do I add pictures?

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    Ty sci-nurse for suggestions. I would really like to see someone here get it. Hard to believe the cost of a van which is almost a neccesity. This van was originally over 88k. Redicilous money for a person who needs a van.

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