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Thread: Enemeez vs. Vacuant

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    Enemeez vs. Vacuant

    If any of you have recently been changed, without your previous knowledge, from Enemeez to Vacuant mini-enema supplies through your VA pharmacy or CMOP (mailed supplies/pharmacy), and are finding that the Vacuant is not working as well as the Enemeez did, or that you have experienced rectal or anal trauma (bleeding, etc.) from the stiffer and often sharper Vacuant nipple, please request that your VA provider report this as an adverse drug event and/or medical device injury.

    You may also want to be sure that your PVA NSO knows that you were switched without your prior knowledge and that you are having these problems.


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    If you are a quad and getting you bowel care through fee basis check what type you have been receiving. The packaging of the container and applicators look exactly alike except for the label. You might not have even noticed but they are very different. Your bowel program might have changed (backed up) and it was because of this.

    As KLD wrote, contact your primary care team and let them know that you want them to report this as and adverse drug event.

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    The makers of Enemeez won their suit against the makers of Vacuant last week. Vacuant should no longer be on the market, but there may be cases where certain pharmacy/supply distribution centers in the VA are still distributing from their previously purchased Vacuant supply. Stay vigilant and don't accept this product if delivered to you by your VA drug supply center. Speak to your VA pharmacist if you are having problems with this.


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    I am so glad to here that Vacuant will be off the market.


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