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Thread: Looking for SCI Docs in Tampa Bay Area

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    Looking for SCI Docs in Tampa Bay Area

    Hi ya'll. I'am a C 5/6 incomplete quad. Just
    moved from Miami to Hudson, FL. I'm having
    problems trying to find a Dr. that is familar
    with SCI's. They don't seem to know anything
    about us. Is anyone on this forum live in the
    Tampa Bay area or North can help me. I'm having
    some abdominal problems. I've had every test
    done imaginable,other than a colonscopy. And
    none of the Dr's here won't do one on me.


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    I am closing this here and moving it to the Doctors and Clinics Forum.


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    I would suggest getting a recommendation from one of the physicians or advanced practice nurses at the VA Tampa Spinal Cord Injury Center. They should know the local physiatrists who do primary care and who are expert in SCI.

    I also found this listing for a physiatrist in that area who is a member of ASIA (the American Spinal Injury Association):

    Venerando Batas, M.D.
    2914 N. Boulevard
    Tampa, FL 33602


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    The SCI Clinic at the VA hospital has a good reputation - so I second the nurse's recommendation. Lee Fall works in program support and he is very helpful. His number is 972-8000 ext 4754.

    I see Dr Abel. She is a physiatrist and is very good. Her number is 974-7618. A lot of people at Tampa General saw Dr Batas and he also had a good reputation.

    Let me know if you need more information on these people (address, etc).

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    Thank you,KLD for routing my question to the
    right forum and for the info. Mike thank you
    also. I will surely get in touch with Lee Fall. I might add I have called Dr. Batas and
    had to leave messages but he had returned them. But I was with an HMO at that time. I
    have just switched back to Medicare, so now I
    can go see whomever I want. Can't believe that I've had to go through so many drs.
    Oh! yes please excuse my spelling. lol
    I might add that I was ready to go to Shands Rehab Hospital in Gainesville but Tampa is alot closer.
    Sure do miss my drs at the UN of Miam/Jax Mem.
    but hopely I will find some one in Tampa. Thank you'all again.


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