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Thread: SCI-Step, Mason, Ohio

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    SCI-Step, Mason, Ohio

    I am trying to get some information on the above facility for spinal cord injury rehab. The son of a close friend is considering this facility but they have only been in operation since May, 2003. They are private and they apparently have not been certified or in some way not yet eleigilble for insurance reimbursement.The cost of th program is $30,000 plus living expenses for a 95 day rehab program.

    If anyone can give me any feedback on this group it would help the family in making a decision; this would represent considerable sacrifice and debt for this family. I want to get enough information that would establish the efficacy of Sci-Step.

    Please e-mail me if you have any input.

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    i will gladly email you info on this .

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    I am locking this here and moving it to Doctors and Clinics forum.

    I hope your friend is not looking at this program for his initial rehabilitation. It is really a post-rehabilitation program and does not replace the interdisciplinary, CARF accredited program that he should go through first.


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    Lou you might want to check out project walk in San Diego CA.

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    I am sorry for such a catastrophic accident..
    Sci-step is not a good choice in my opinion! You can read a small part of why i say this under the exercise forum..
    Good luck with everything!!

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    I alopoigize for just coming across this now. If you are still interested in Sci-Step, please contact me directly at 513-459-2282 or

    You are more than welcome to come out for a tour or trial to form your own opinion of our facility.

    Michele Brock

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