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Thread: Transfer board for shower

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    I use hand lotion. Just go slow, and be sure you are positioned correctly before you start. I too transfer IN with pants on, and undress on the bench, but can't get dry enough to put on shorts, that stay dry enough to transfer well to be worth the effort.

    Since I put a towel on the chair, i use that to transfer to my bed - pretty much the same as the pillow case technique I guess, but that also doesn't work for me in the shower - can;t get positioned on it while on the bench.

    hmm, guess I hit them all - oh I was taught the beby powder in rehab, but you have to be really dry for it to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmireles View Post
    Summergirl Please check out the beasy trans system on my website. I used this item when i was in rehab. The transfer is almost effortless once you get on, to be honest almost to easy. Please take the time to ask some other Quads on here if they used the beasy system before you make a purchase on my website or any other website. I wish you luck. Nick
    I do not recommend these at all. good way to pinch your skin. rep
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