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Thread: coming down from 3200mg of neurontin

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    coming down from 3200mg of neurontin

    So I'm tired of the side affects of this drug. I have no short term memory anymore and I have trouble getting through conversations without losing words. Anyway, all the issues seem to be mental, not much drowsiness. I have consulted with my pain doc and have been coming down 400mg each week. I'm now halfway at 1600mg. However, the pain is starting to get unbearable. There wasn't much difference even at 2000mg, but this last 400mg seems to be the turning point. My question is, will the pain subside at all as my body continues getting used to the lower dose, or will the increased pain I now have stay where its at? I'm at a point where the pain is starting to outweigh the side effects, but I want to make sure I give myself enough of a chance to see if the pain will get any better as my body acclimates. What has your experience been? thanks

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    Angry pills

    I have pain, but can not tolerate any of the anticonvulsants. They all turn out the lights. For me opioids make me stoned, sleepy, constipated, etc., but preferable to anticonvulsant angry pills.

    Are you in a state that allows cannabis? I wish I was so could have this option available.
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    Are you taking anything else? Are you planning to transition to anything else, such as Lyrica?

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    Also taking 400mg of tramadol and Percocet as needed. I've trird lyrica in the past with no luck. Just trying to go down on the neurontin until the pain starts getting worse so that I'm not taking more than is helping, and hopefully get rid of some side effects in the process

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    I can't recall tramadol dosing, is there room to ramp up? Hopefully SCI Nurse or someone more knowledgeable will come along to give more suggestions.

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