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Thread: Intermittent Hypoxia Elicits Prolonged Restoration of Motor Function in Human SCI

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    Trekker, I always had a CNA giving me the therapy while getting stretched in bed; only passed out first time I used it cuz lever was completely on that reduced O2 level to 9 percent. Work down to that level over a week and it's fine. The right protocol let me get down to 50 once on my oximeter, but I stayed in the mid 60s and 70s usually. Haven't seen improvements yet from my second rental, but hopefully I will....Jan
    Are you doing 60 or 90 seconds of hypoxia for each interval?

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    I did 60 secs mask off, 90 secs on, 45 minutes, but my month was up over a week ago and though I got my oxygen saturation rate down to below 80 most of the time, it hasn't benefited me yet. This was my second month. It seems I had much better results with my muscle stiffness in the first month, even though I wasn't doing the protocol right and was leaving mask on for four minutes average. That's just how I responded, but it was a miserable experience I don't at all recommend....Jan

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