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Thread: Re-painting wheelchairs..

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    The reason I would like to see some pictures is because I have used spray can paint on my wheelchair. It came out very nice initially. Then it looked faded and uneven pretty quickly. I figured I'd just add another coat. Again, it looked good initially. But the more coats I applied, the worse it looked over time. I certainly wasn't going to strip it down, prime, and paint every time, so I gave up on the spray can. Maybe you have better results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axle View Post
    I'd like to see some pictures.
    Ditto! = )

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    I recently bought a backup chair, it is red. I was really wanting to repaint it, because the paint is almost all off the high wear front areas but looks fine elsewhere. I was hoping sandpapering and a good spray paint would do the trick, knowing that it would chip. I have the front end wrapped with vet wrapped, and planned on doing that again to keep the worst of chipping at bay. but if it's just going to fade out, and make it worse, then I don't want to make it look worse.

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    I think professional auto repair paint would be fine for this and it may be what some of the bike shops use too. It is *not* inexpensive but is do it yourself for small projects with this sprayer which my auto paint store had on the shelf: They also gave me step by step mixing and spraying instructions. Instructions are on the web googling centari acrylic enamel. I did it for a car mirror that did not match the rest of the car. Centari may be discontinued, but something should have taken it’s place.

    Another thing you can do in order to narrow down your search if you want to farm it out is to still find the professional *auto* paint suppliers, (must be auto) and ask them for a recommendation of someone who could help you get the job done. They know the good guys if you can get them to open up to you. Just be patient because their regular commercial customers are their bread and butter.

    Checked closer, here is Dupont's Centari:
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    If you go for anodizing, you can specify the depth of metal you want colored. Deep anodizing won't show as many scratches.
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    Why not sand it and pollish it? Bare metal pollished, whether aluminum or titanium, is much easier than paint to keep up. I tried painting my chair, and it looked great, but the chipping was a pain. (You can keep the chipping covered if you get touch up paint.) so I sanded off the paint and used progressively finer sandpapers until it was ready to buff with metal polish. My chair's Ti, so the surface won't corrode. Aluminum you'd have to be a bit more careful with, although you could do a clear coat of spray paint over it and that would help keep it from corroding.

    If you do paint your chair, be sure to sand it thoroughly so that the paint will stick. Personally, I like the pollished look--I painted the caster forks and camber assembly as contrast. It's just easier on the up keep.

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    here's a set of pics.
    Supplies needed. The lower the number on the sand paper the rougher.
    Chair at start.
    Chair sanded Start with 150 go to 320. You can use just 320 if you like. Just take the shine off. The rough gives the new paint something to grab.
    Wipe the chair down with alcohol. You can use lacquer thinner or what ever it says on the can. I used stuff around the house so people wouldn't have to go buy a bunch of chemicals they might never use again.
    Chair with primer. Get good paint. Primer and paint from same manufacturer. First coat of prime and color barely cover. Round stuff like a chair is a pain. You waste a lot of paint and always want to spray too much at one time to make it better. Yes that's beer. Drink the beer between coats.
    Give it time to set up.
    The cans will say you can use the chair in 4 hours. Give it over night at least. The longer you give it the better it will be.

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    more pics

    Wear gloves when you do this. The oils in your hands will get on the chair and the paint won't stick. This took about an hour. Cost $20 bucks max. And I could paint it ten times for the cost.

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    Surprised you did not take upholstery, forks, wheels, etc. off. Didn't you end up with spray everywhere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elarson View Post
    Surprised you did not take upholstery, forks, wheels, etc. off. Didn't you end up with spray everywhere?
    He says drink beer. I painted a (one!) car doing that (vodka) once. I started over the next day.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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