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Thread: Staying Overnight at Foxwoods?

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    Staying Overnight at Foxwoods?

    Despite almost getting ripped off at Foxwoods a couple years ago ( ), me and the lovely Mrs. Smokey will be staying there one night in May.

    I've driven down there maybe 150 times over the years but never bothered to stay overnight since it is only 73 miles away. So I am quite familiar with the layout of the property but not the rooms. We will be spending one night in the newer MGM Grand tower. Has anyone stayed at Foxwoods? How is the MGM Grand compared to Two Trees, Pequot Tower, Great Cedar, etc.? Thanks.

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    I have stayed in the Two Trees before and it was fine. I had a roll in shower with a fold down bench. It was an ADA compliant room. There is a nice restaurant in there as well. The only drawback was that it was a little hike to the casino so I ended up driving my car over. It been a few years since I have been down there. Have fun!

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    I'll put in a pitch for you to take in the museum while your there. Very well done

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