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Thread: Tru Flo Urinary Cath Valve

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    Tru Flo Urinary Cath Valve

    Just ordered one of these online. I have never used one and not sure I will even be able to. Was just curious if anyone here has any experience with them. I have no finger use so I'm sure that will make it difficult. I also hope they are not prone to infections. Any help is appreciated

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    By the way I have a suprapubic cath.

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    Most urologists suggest using a leg bag to collect urine from a suprapubic catheter, rather than holding urine in the bladder and using a valve device to empty the bladder at intervals. There is an increased incidence of urinary tract infection and urine reflux into the kidneys when urine is retained in the bladder with a valve device. That said, some doctors use the valve devices to help retain bladder volume, especially if the suprapubic catheter is only going to be used for a short period of time. Consult with your urologist about the best method for you.

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