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Thread: Adi brakes

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    ryan, brianm, are you familiar with hub locks? -ie. D's, SureLocks?
    Yes. I went with the ADI brakes because I wanted more of a true braking system. The (new) standard, composite, brakes on my TR3 are great and I am very pleased with them.
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    ADI brakes

    Have them on both my chairs. Love them.

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    I know that many people have their chair sent to ADI to install the brakes. I'm not sure how that works on the Icon, but you may want to ask about it.

    We decided not to get the ADI brakes, and one of the reasons was because of needing to install the Spline Drive Insert and the Camber Tube Modify.

    We went with D's Locks instead, which I plan to install in the next couple of days.

    Quote Originally Posted by randomryan007 View Post
    Does anyone know how long it take to install adi brakes on a chair?
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    I have d's locks on my marvel.

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