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Thread: surgeon request/ CO/ time sensitive

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    surgeon request/ CO/ time sensitive

    June 8th, my best friend had a complete SCI of T1, we are interested in any referrals or recommendations anyone has including doctors or specialists to speak with. the patient is in colorado at longmont hospital. we have been told that st anthonies in denver is THE place to go. if anyone has any relevant experiences they would share it would be greatly appreciated. surgery is scheduled for friday at longmont, we have to make a decision very soon. thanks for your time. please respond directly at

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    I am not sure where you are getting your information about THE place to go, but without a doubt Craig Hospital in Englewood is one of the world's leading SCI centers and would be much better for your friend than St. Anthony's, which is not a Model SCI Center or even CARF accredited as far as I know in SCI rehab.

    Often people are directed to general rehab units for business or contract reasons that has nothing to do with quality of care. At the minimum you should be looking for a CARF accredited Spinal Cord Rehabilitation System of Care (SCRSC), and Model System status is another plus. Get him to Craig.


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    i would also recomend craig. that is where i went for my rehab after my accident,loved the place. my doctor was dr.shih (she)

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    Craig hospital is in Englewood, CO about an hour's drive from Longmont.

    Call Dr. Dan Lammertse for medical consult or Mr. Ken Hosack for patient relations.

    Ph; 303-789-8000

    Good luck.

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