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Thread: 6-way seat wanted

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    6-way seat wanted


    I am looking for a 6-way seat base to use in my sprinter van. I could spend up to $2000, possibly more for a really nice seat base. The base does not have to be for a sprinter van specifically, we will modify it.


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    I have a Braun slide/lift/rotate (no tilt) for van conversion seating. Rails are 36" and bolts to any flat surface. Lift range is about 5- 6". This was for someone who transferred to the driver seat. I want to get rid of it because the rails are just in the way for me (AB transporting by wife). Problem is it's still in the van. I'd need something to replace it. I've been looking for a standard power seat base on ebay, but haven't had any luck. Nothing in the local junkyards either. New is about $500. I'd be willing to sell the Braun for that (plus shipping).
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