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Thread: Selling Permobil’s M300 Power Wheelchair - Like New

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    Selling Permobil’s M300 Power Wheelchair - Like New

    Like New -- used less than 1 year -- 82 miles

    Permobil's M300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair features the Climbing and
    Traction Link system which connects the drive wheels and casters and
    performs multiple functions, providing overall stability especially while
    climbing obstacles and traversing various surfaces. With its compact size,
    the M300 has a tight 20" turning radius.

    Highly developed ergonomic design makes the M300 Corpus 3G very
    restful and pleasant to sit in. The seat has been developed in cooperation
    with world leaders in ergonomics.

    Special Product Features
    * Power recline to nearly - flat position
    * Power tilt
    *ROHO high profile seat cushion
    *Adjustable / removable thigh support
    *Adjustable / removable trunk support
    *Adjustable / removable tray
    *24 volt dual mode automatic battery charger
    * Stylish easy-to-replace swing arm covers made of scratch resistant
    material, which protect the swing arms from unsightly chips and scrapes
    * Easy to maintain, the M300 provides quick access to components and
    requires no special tools for servicing
    * Climbing capabilities ¬ 3" forward and 2" reverse
    * 8" casters and flat-free drive tires with gel inserts help absorb shock
    * Solid steel struts lessen the impact of lateral forces

    Asking $7,000. Wheelchair is located in Ohio - buyer is responsible for shipping logistics and associated cost.

    Contact or 513.226.0493 for more information

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    Great price. I have an identical one on order, only difference is mine is sip and puff. $37,000

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