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Thread: what is this called???

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    what is this called???

    Hi Everyone,
    when I was in Florida visiting my mom (who retired there) I met a guy (who was in a wheelchair) at an MS support group who found a lady at the VA who came to his house and recommended different accessibility needs. Keep in mind this guy was not Dx'd with MS while on active duty. Then the Va provided these things. Now I am back in Ohio (where I live) and wanted to find this type of VA person here. Does anyone know what this person is called and how to get in touch with them? Is this a social worker or some sort of coordinator?

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    Generally a home evaluation like this would be done by a PT and/or OT from the Rehab Medicine Service. Contact your local VA SCI Clinic Coordinator (Social Worker) to ask them how to get this arranged from your local VA. If your VA has a SCI Center, then the therapy staff from there would do this. You will need a provider's order generally to have this done, just like therapy.

    Equipment (but not construction) would be provided by the Prosthetics & Sensory Aids department, upon prescription by the provider (based on the home evaluation). A HISA grant or other construction grant (applied for through PS&A) would be required for any construction, and there is very limited funding for this for non-service connected Veterans. If you are trying to get the latter, then I would strongly encourage you to work with your PVA NSO on the application.


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