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Thread: Autonomic Dysreflexia Dr.

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    Autonomic Dysreflexia Dr.

    Who or where is the best place to go for autonomic dysreflexia problems? I have had it every day for 12 years and nobody seems able to explain it or stop it (Mayo, hosp., Craig hosp., area hospitals).
    I'm currently taking Cardizem 300mg., and Metoprolol (25mg.) 3/day, with Niphedipine prn. These meds buffer the AD EFFECTS, but only partially.

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    does your urologist say?

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    I've had a complete urology workup. Everything looks really good.

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    maybe you have over active parasympathetic system....i tried
    detrol and it significantly stopped my AD symtoms.

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    Have you contacted RIC in Chicago?

    In my experience there is always something that can be found to be causing AD...if you hunt long and hard enough. Is it constant? More at any certain times of day? More when you are up or more when in bed, etc. etc? How does it occur in relationship to your bowel or bladder management? Have you been worked up for any abdominal pathology such as ulcers, gallbladder, etc.? Have you had HO or fractures ruled out?

    There are many possible causes other than just urologic, although this is 90% of the causes (intestinal is 8% with the rest being 2%).

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