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Thread: Need recommendation

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    Need recommendation

    An acquaintance recently injured a vertabrae which, at first, caused temporary paralysis, and now threatens to cause permanent paralysis. His local orthopedist has recommended surgery to prevent the fractured vertabrae's further injuring his spinal cord. The man lives in central Iowa. Any recommendations on where, in that part of the country, he can find a spine surgeon with a focus on spinal cord injury and who is heavily experienced in such surgeries? Anyone have experience with such a surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Rochester? Or, how about Chicago?

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    Further away

    I could certainly recommend Steve Garfin, MD at UCSD in San Diego. It is far away, but I would trust him with my spine!

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    Have you considered

    Craig Hospital, Denver?

    Maybe you could get a referral from Dr. Daniel Lammertse.

    It's worth a phone call. 303-789-8000

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