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Thread: Post their resume(Ft Worth)

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    Post their resume(Ft Worth)

    I would not mind if Doctors posted a resume that said why they could use me as a patient. If they knew that this site exists at least they are heads above those who do not. Biased information would at least be information. As it is I have no idea about how to go about picking a Doctor. I am in Pacific Care HMO and had to choose a Primary Care Physician based on a recomendation of someone from my husband's work. I am going in for my first Doctors apt.on Friday, and I do not know if he knows anything about spinal cord injuries. I know that he knows runny noses. If they had something up then there would at least be something to comment on. Generally I have heard the best way to find a Doctor is a through a friend. Anyone know a good Doctor in the Dallas/FtWorth area?

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    klabm, I apologize for the slowness in getting your posting up... You had originally posted this in the Doctors and Clinic Forum which is intended to be list of doctors and clinics that people recommended to others on this site. We were going to use this as an approach to creating database of doctors and clinics that our community recommends.

    We have encountered significant questions about doing this. By the way, I don't know of any other web site that has succeeded in establishing a list of recommended clinics and sites. It is difficult to find doctors for a number of reasons. First, it is very difficult to find reliable information on doctors, what they offer, and how good they are. Most doctors do not publish such information. Likewise, hospitals do not provide such data. Second, for many years, doctors have been prohibited from advertising. Although I don't think that this is as strictly enforced any more, most doctors feel very uncomfortable doing so. Third, most doctors who advertise themselves may be perceived as being not so good. A good doctor usually has more patients than he or she can deal with and does not want any more patients. This is certainly true of good surgeons. They only have so much time in a day and can only see so many patients.

    Hospitals will advertise themselves. HMO's and clinics will advertise. However, individual doctors are unlikely to do so and those who do so are not likely to be very good. To get around these problems, we thought that the best way is for people to recommend doctors and clinics that they found to be good and are willing recommend them.

    However, we don't want doctors to be listed that people would not recommend. There are probably thousands of those and we don't want to advertise them. Therefore, we set up this forum to advertise doctors that people would recommend. For this reason, this is a moderated forum where all the topics have to be first approved before they appear.

    Although your posting is not a recommendation but a discussion of what you think this forum should provide, I decided to approve it and start the discussion.


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    It's true that the majority of family practice docs/internists/gyns, etc. don't know about SCI; that's not their job. You may have to educate them, and work as a partnership to take care of your medical needs (like the sniffles!). I also think a lot of docs are just plain scared to take on the responsibility of caring for someone with SCI, precisely because there are so many things to take into consideration. But if you go in with good information, and resources that the doc can refer to, and enlist the doc as a partner in your care, you might find they're up to the challenge!

    Do you have a physiatrist? A urologist? IF so, and the family practice doc knows they can consult with these folks, it will make them feel a lot easier.

    These two sites have information available for professionals: and

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Some questions

    Here are some suggestions on selecting a physician. It is best to arrange an interview prior to having any care. You should expect to make an appointment for this, but not get charged. Tell them you are interviewing to hire a physician when you make the appointment. Take a family member with you if you want.

    -what is your philosophy regarding the relationship between yourself and your patients?

    -when you order new tests, medications, or other interventions, how will I know what they are for and why they are being done? Will you obtain my consent first?

    -if I need to be hospitalized, will you care for me, or refer me to someone else? Does this also apply if I need to be in the ICU?

    -at which hospitals do you have admitting privledges?

    -have you ever had your admitting privledges revoked at any hospital? Whey?

    -are you available by e-mail (a growing trend) for questions or concerns?

    -how to you provide needed care and questions from your patients during evenings, weekends, and holidays?

    -how long should I expect to wait to see you for a routine appointment? For an emergency?

    -how many other patients with SCI do you care for?

    -if you are not experienced in SCI, will you work together with a SCI physician as an ongoing consultant, or how will you gain/maintain knowledge in this area?

    -what professional organizations do you belong to?

    -are you involved in any research? Have you published? Will you provide me with a copy of your professional resume?

    -will you ask three of your current patients (ideally with SCI) to call me so i can discuss their satisfaction with your care? (they cannot ethically provide you with those patients' names, but the physician can give your name to them if you consent)?

    This is a way to get started with finding the right physician for you. Go with an open mind and really listen to the answers. It they get real huffy, go on to the next physician. Be prepared to change again if you are not satisfied.


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