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Thread: Anyone been to Vellore (India) for rehab?

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    Anyone been to Vellore (India) for rehab?

    It's reputed to be the best in the country. The issue is, how friendly will the place be for a T6 25-yr old woman who's all alone? There are social service orgs there that provide by-standers, but are they dependable? Has anyone here had any bad experience?


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    Vellore Xperience

    hi iyerraj,

    I chose CMC, Vellore for rehabilitation, stayed their for 4 1/2 months. I have had some good experiences & more bad ones. Though it is supposed to be one of the best, my views vary bcoz I come from a service background and demand value for money. This, unfortunately is not the case at vellore. The patients are at the mercy of a few beauracratic doctors. Their word is final. I am sure you will agree with me DA persons don not seek pity but answers. Anyway, I would not like to give details coz it is a long story. Remember this carefully. This place is totally commercialized. An extra gate pass from the gate keeper cost 10 bucks. so much for now, i'll post more later.
    bye for now,

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