I'm not sure that this post belongs here. I have been very happy with seeing Dr Satinsky at the Rockville Neurology Center. He has been intersted in my complaints, listens well, and is open to my thoughts and suggestions. He does not see a lot of SCI pts though he seems to have several pts with MS.

I originally went to him because he has prescribed 4-AP for some of his MS pts and I wanted him to consider it for my use. I have had nerve problems with my hands and arms and pain in my shoulder. He ran an EMG on my arm nerves and determined that there was damage. He recommended a conservative approach which ultimately did not work but sent me to an ortho when I told him it was not working.

Regarding my shoulder, he told me right away he was not the right one to see for the shoulder problems and would recommend an ortho if I wanted.

He has been good about ordering the meds I need and getting me off of Elavil when it was causing problems with my memeory.

I sometimes wish he was a little more aggressive in his therapies but he has been good overall and "did no harm." He is not an SCI type or physiatrist so I wouldn't suggest seeing him for those items.

Just my experience.

Joe B