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Thread: $40,000,000 Stem Cell Donation

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    Years ago my father in law gave a generous gift to his sons (I wont mention what that gift was because it doesnt even come close to a $40M donation). My sister in law hated the gift and was grumbling that "well, he could have at least asked us if we wanted it"..Sounds ridiculous. Was ridiculous. This argument is just AS ridiculous. This man gave his money and some ppl here are complaining that it should have/could have been designated better. I was excited when I read that someone could give that kind of money. You should be down on bended knees thanking this man for his donation. Dont forget it said "to fund a center to research stem cell...." To fund a center! Sounds like that is where the foundation wanted the money to go.

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    I understand where each of you are coming from. Even though a cure will be too late for my loved one with SCI or the one with Parkinson's I want cures for these things as much as anyone. Having seen what people go through with both, I don't want anyone else to go through it. And I want the cures today for the people that still have a chance. With this man's gift I can only think, he could have done anything with it. He could have given it to any other worthy effort. Or, he could have not given it to anyone and kept it for himself. He is obviously a person that sees that money has no real value, until something useful or good is done with it. He could have done anything--but essentially, he gave it to us. And I appreciate that.

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    dr young it don't make sense to you because you don't know how to make a dollar out of 15 cent. try hanging around poor ppl.

    lets do the math dr young. parkdale mall in beaumont is 1.5 million square ft. you can lease 20 mid size store spaces for about $1 million a year. a 15 year lease. that leaves $25 million for equiment, salaries, and everything else.

    your way of ALL $40 million on a payment for a new building doesn't make sense to me if we have a limited budget. dr young, are we that rich to throw money around that way?

    before you say it, i'm not suggesting we put a research facility in a mall. however you were in houston. i know of twin 7 story building begging to be leased as an example. why can't you researchers use penny saving ideas to stretch your money.

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    I don't like arguing for the sake of it but there are a couple of opinions expressed here that have missed the mark completely, imho.

    Nobody is 'complaining' about a $40m gift that will no doubt help future stem cell research. The point was just made, that for those of us who are afflicted by sci or neurodegenerative diseases right now, the thought that they are going to build a beautiful new building rather than channel the funds directly to clinical applications is a little disheartening.

    Dr Young correctly pointed out the difficulties in funding trials. Agreed.

    One of the carecure mantras has always been that with enough $, a workable cure is just around the corner. If it were up to me to decide, I'm sure you can guess my preference. It's not though, it is Mr Li Ka-shing's Foundation and kudos to him for being a generous man willing to support biomedical research.

    I just hope stemcell research is not banned completely in the US by the time the centre is built in 2009 and that there are a few cc members left to enjoy any breakthroughs they make 10 years thereafter.

    Lack of money is the root of all evil.

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