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Thread: MEDRA Inc?

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    MEDRA Inc?

    So I was reading an article that I received from Yahoo news about adult stem cells that have been coaxed into fat, bone, and skin cells and came across this website :

    It says that it will arrange for fetal stem cell transplants in the Dominican Republic. Has anyone heard about this or is it just a hoax? It just sounds fishy to me.


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    It's a real company, but their supporting data is very weak. More info here.

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    Erin, hi.
    You're right, it is fishy. I think this was Dr Raedar (sp) Very shady. I have exchanged email with him and also a phone call. I asked him to come to this site so others, with much more knowledgable questions than I can far I haven't seen him. LWAY

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    Really fishy.

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