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Thread: Plans on Moving to FL from Chicago

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post
    do paras pay property tax in florida i thought i read somewere quads didnt but wasnt sure if paras did
    As I said in my first post, there is an income limit for paraplegics. It changes every year. If you meet the requirements you will be exempt from the ad valorem portion of your property tax in Florida.

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    I know this post already one year old but I am planning to move to Florida this year. I am looking to move to Port Orange Florida. Does anyone know how long would it take me to apply for a caregiver? I have Medicaid and Medicare. Are there any websites that could help me out? For you guys that live in Florida, how many hours a day or a week do you get A caregiver? Thanks a lot for all your responses
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    Be very careful. I have a friend who moved to FL from CA on MediCare/Medicaid, who had IHSS in CA, and she was expecting only a short wait for an attendant. 12 months later she still did not have one, and had been forced to live in a nursing home due to this for 8 months. She eventually got one, but the whole episode was a nightmare for her.


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    Do you know how many hours of care she gets a week?
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    Lake Mary, being in the center of the state, would not be subject to hurricane evacuations. Tornados do occur but are mild compared to the Midwest. Mobile home communities are most at risk.

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    Out of curiosity... Why Port Orange?
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    I went for a drive in Lake Mary - there are lots of subdivisions and I didn't like the city...
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    Out of curiosity... Why Port Orange?

    Close to the beach, ocean breeze... Nice homes - I read reviews and they are all positive
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    I don't know if this'll help but check this link out

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