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Thread: Plans on Moving to FL from Chicago

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    Question Plans on Moving to FL from Chicago

    Hey guys, I would like some input from anyone that lives in Florida.
    I am so tired of long winters here and I hate staying home for eight months out of the year. I am thinking of moving to central Florida in Seminole County, I have read a lot of reviews about Lake Mary And it seems a great place from the reviews.
    Right now I have about 200 hours of help from the caregiver agency That The state pays for. I also have Medicaid and Medicare.
    I know it's different in Florida, you don't get as many hours of help.
    The weather seems great, while much better than Chicago.
    Any input will be much appreciated, thanks a lot
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    What happened to the Vegas plans??
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    Well, lots of foreclosures down in Florida and as long as you get the waiver up front gimps don't pay property taxes. You could own as cheaply as renting in Chicago. But, having retired to Wisconsin be very aware that every place in Florida is air conditioned to the hilt. I freeze down there or go outside and risk heat stroke. Definitely check the Illinois site for Medicare versus Florida.
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    there are lots of lakes here in south carolina.
    gas is 60-80 cents cheeper, I rent a nice three bedroom apartment for 600 a month. near clemson. There is lots and lots of good fishing here and subsidised housing. I don't have subsidised housing, but if I didnt share an apartment, I would proly use it.

    I move here from pennsylvania, and it is nice to have no snow, and mostly mild weather. we miss the hurricanes as well as the snow, but it can rain pretty good. There was no problem getting medicare, medicaid, and ssi all reinstated here, but it was difficult finding a Dr, who would accept me due to my pain medicine and issues.
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    I lived in Oviedo for 10 years. Great place. People are friendly and winter weather is nice. In case you haven't been to Seminole county it is Northeast of main Orlando. The infrastructure of a big city wasn't there when I lived there (public trans etc.) UCF is nearby and I found several roomates from the college. I traded free rent for attendant care. Call the local CIL for that area - I think they are in Winter Park. Congratulations on your forward thinking and good luck with your plans. Winters up north suck.
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    I'm in Brevard county FL...I love it here...been here almost 50 years. We are on the east central coast of Florida. Everyone is so accommodating. There are so many places to visit within a days drive like St Augustine. You will love Florida!

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    good thinking bro. i have wanting to move south, CA or HI. i've been to orlando the weather is nice not sure about the resources though. leaving seattle seems like a very stupid idea for me, compared to the resources in CA. i have good doctors, very good assistance with independence and the metro/accessibility is the most awesome compared to any city. and probably one of the best city/night life experiences. it just the weather and my unwillingness to live in multi layered clothing environment. my sister lives 30 mins north of san diego and it gets down into the 40's there. wish i could man up and live hear but its too much work for a quady.

    good luck

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    I’ve lived in Southwest Florida since 2005—born in Ohio, moved to Tennessee, and now I live here. Many people, like myself, believe it is best to live near the coast. We feel, what’s the point of Florida without the ocean? The temperatures are moderated by the water, nice breezes, and there is some benefit for those with allergies because those ocean breezes don’t carry particulates like pollen. And of course there are other less tangible benefits. But of course, this is just my preference. You may, like others, enjoy life in Central Florida.

    There is indeed an Ad Valorem property tax exemption in Florida. That means other forms of property tax, like assessments will still need to be paid, and those can add up to as much as the Ad Valorem portion. All quadriplegics are included in this exemption; however, there is an income limit for paraplegics. US veterans have additional benefits and may qualify for this exemption whether quad or para. There is no income tax here—state or local.

    If you have done your research or visited here often enough, you’ll know that the winter months are pleasant and dry. The summer however can be blistering and humid. Speaking of blistering, be prepared for the power of the Florida sun. It’s not like up North or even Tennessee. It’ll cook your ass good, if you’re not careful. Cases of skin cancer are frequent. You may be exchanging days of being trapped indoors in the winter up North for days of summer air conditioning down here. Most of us long for the winter months, so we can open our windows and work outside comfortably again.

    The Orlando area has grown a lot over the years. This means that there are opportunities but also, like any large city, there are rough areas where crime is a problem. One of my sons will be graduating from UCF in a couple of weeks. The school is known for its technical degrees.

    We did have a lot of foreclosures, but the market has been recovering. In some areas the inventory of homes is quite low and people are even finding themselves in bidding wars again. Still, there is what some call the “shadow” inventory. Banks here have held on to or delayed foreclosures. Demand has been strong over the last few months , but no one knows what would happen if they dumped large numbers of homes on the market again.

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    I live in Ft. Lauderdale. As mentioned, No state income tax is a great. Property tax exemptions make a big difference in the home that you can afford. I only pay about $400 a yr. I know people that pay 5-10 thousand!
    Yes summer is hot, temperature wise, 90 is about avg tops in july/aug. Its the humidity that makes it seem worse. Im 3 hrs south of the orlando area that you mentioned. Hurricane season is june-november, but usually sept/oct is the time when the big storms are capable of hitting. Dec-april to me is the best, 80' during day, high 60/low 70 at night, constant cool breezes off the ocean. I cant speak on caregiver benefits because I dont use one. The housing market is rising in prices, slowy, but still affordable.
    If you have any questions specific to south east florida, just ask

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    It would be pretty tough for quads in Florida. Where are you going to go if a hurricane threatens? Not to the school gym for a few days and sleep on a cot. Mandatory evacuation. What about tornados? You will quickly need to get to a safe area, preferably in a basement or a local school. If your buildings damaged, what then. How long can you hang in 90 degree heat and 85% humidity when the power goes out because of bad weather or just outside on the porch. Minutes. Imagine being a quad during Katrina.
    In Florida quads would mostly stay inside during summer except for very short trips and once November comes, head out. Just the opposite of Chicago but still mostly stuck inside for long periods.

    I would not want to live anywhere above the ground floor. Every subsidized apt I have been offered is on the second floor or higher. Too small for lifts and powerchairs anyway. Elevators sometimes have emergency generators but folks are not allowed to use elevators during emergencies. Not for this quad. There are warm places to live without very dangerous weather.
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