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Thread: Xcellent Tip for Repairing ROHO Air Cushions

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    Xcellent Tip for Repairing ROHO Air Cushions

    I've been a para for over 30 years and have tried countless cushions and I've gone through my share of ROHO'S as well. Currently I've got 2 Quadtro Low Profiles. I'm fairly active and have found the ROHO air cushions do not hold up very long before getting a leak somewhere and once this happens, it seems another follows shortly after, and another, etc...

    Patching with bicycle patches and cement was the norm for too long and they were not very durable as they would re-leak at patch area and when I tried to remove old patch it would make hole a horrid size, too big to patch again.

    When they occur at valve stem, it used to be over and throw it away for me as a patch was useless. However, I've found a way to fix whatever leak occurs, even at valve stem and it holds.

    "GOOP". "GOOP" is an adhesive/sealer that fixes these leaks. There is Automotive Goop, Marine Goop, RV Goop and Household Goop. I've used Marine and RV Goop on my leaks and have never had the leak re-appear at same place and I feel certain any one of these types of Goop will work just fine.

    There is NO patching. Just find the leak, clean and dry it, deflate cushion, then apply a glob of this amazing concoction and let it dry for 24 hours. Keep the cells apart and prop it this way when you apply it and for 24 hrs let it sit this way. It will run slightly till it tacks up but it will fix your leaks and keep them fixed.

    I've been using this for over a year now and have never had to re-seal the same area twice. When my last cushion developed a leak at valve stem, I bought another but kept the bad one. While waiting for new one to come, I thought about using the Goop on valve stem and it worked. Now I've got two ROHO's which I keep, one as a back up to use when the other springs a leak and I'm unable to use it for 24 hrs while the Goop dries.

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    Excellent idea, i will have to give that a go

    T5 Para Complete

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