So I am a C7-T2 incomplete injury, and within 6 months post injury, I have muscle activation in my quadriceps! I have seen a lot of return, including my fingers... However, they do not have full grasp yet! My right hand has full extension and the smallest bit of flexion in the MCP joints, but not in the PIP or DIP joints. I have been stretching them by balling my hands up in socks overnight, but I still see no return in the PIP or DIP joints. My left hand is a little worse off, but it started gaining return 3 months after the riht hand, so I figure if I can get full grasp in one hand, the other will eventually catch up.

What recovery techniques or exercises can I do to get functional return in my PIP's and DIP's? Also, what can I do to regain my thumb opposition? I'm willing to buy the appropriate equipment if necessary, anything to get my hands back!