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Thread: Devastating news, Best childhood Friend

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    Devastating news, Best childhood Friend

    My best friend from age 4 thru high school, and still very much in touch, is currently paralyzed from the chest down from complications of neck surgery. I can't believe it, I am stunned. This man has already had his share, degenerative everything and a new heart.

    Only had an email from his wife stating the above so don't know much yet, he is at Cleveland Clinic getting C3-6 removed and rebuilt. I can only hope that this is some spinal shock that wears off, but who knows.

    Damn it, this ain't right. Send some good thoughts please.
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    Exclamation Hey

    I am here to help, let me know how I can help.
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    WOW! So sorry to hear this for him. I'm sure he will need someone like you to lean on during this difficult time. Good thoughts for you and your friend!
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    Will do, damn, sorry to hear McD.
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    This is just awful. Healing thoughts, definitely.
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    I'm hoping it's spinal shock. You might call his wife and offer up your knowledge. I remember my stepmom being invaluable at learning about my insurance benefits, finding the best rehab it covered and getting me lined up for the next available bed. Even so, I arrived at rehab w/ a pressure sore. Every day in a regular hospital guarantees that outcome.

    Also, just inform her that spinal shock is a thing. I think doctors suck w/ their horror of "false hope". What's horrifying is their promotion of no hope.

    Hoping for the best.

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    I hope beth is right about spinal shock.

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    Thanks Folks, I appreciate it.

    Just talked to his wife, they had actually gone home(way southern Ohio) after surgery, his pain spiked to unbearable, 911, local hospitable had nothing for them, they Life Flighted him back to Cleveland Clinic. I asked if she got to go with him, no, she had to drive, said "well that sucked huh?", I got a laugh out of her, so that was good.

    They found a blood clot(he had full movement so far) and went in and drained it. He woke up a quad, only trace movement in his arms, and nothing below that. Not sure what level the clot was.

    They own a testing lab, so both are knowledgeable about terminology, so they know about spinal shock and such, and of course are hoping on that. He was asleep so will talk to him tomorrow.

    This sucks.
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    McDuff, keep us posted as events unfold.

    Wishing for the best.
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    In my thoughts and prayers, McDuff. Tough situation, sorry.

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