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Thread: Devastating news, Best childhood Friend

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    Cindy Gatins, a good friend of mine, is the clinical nurse specialist for the SCI rehab program at Dodd Hall. She is also in a chair due to a SCI. A good person, and your friend should connect with her as soon as he gets there. Help him get on-line and join us here as soon as possible as well.


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    Guess I dropped the ball here.

    Things got a little dicey for awhile, he had to be put on a vent for awhile in ICU at Cleveland Clinic. He stabilized and weened back off of it.

    They have been at Dodd for about a week now, and have been bombarded with info and feelings, as we all know too well.

    So far he still has no movement in any limb, but hopes are high of course, we can surely hope.

    Thanks KLD,I will pass her name on to them.

    I'll try and do periodic updates.

    Thanks Everybody.
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