I love the ultimate goal of physical therapy to be stronger, healthier and able to do more. But I question some of the ways mine goes about it. A little background, I am a L1-T12 50-year-old male, 20 years post injury coming off 6 months of osteomyelitis, multiple sores, pelvic problems, HO, shoulder surgery and I will admit it, many years spending too long at work at a desk. I have never been gifted athletically, even pre injury. I once made all three outs in a softball game when my team went around the batting order three times.

My therapist likes to use comparisons when I struggle in a football coach like manner. "Hey, I've seen quads who can do that. Quads would kill to have what you have." These are two examples of remarks that are deflating for me. I try hard, but he makes me feel like quitting.