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Thread: Where's the Miami Project?

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    Where's the Miami Project?

    Seems there is news nearly evey month on promising SCI research. There also seems to be more and more SCI "treatments" coming on line, however, these are presently unproven and controversial.

    Has anyone visited, seen, heard, learned anything from MP lately?

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    relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship.

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    when i seen the topic....i thought..."Duh, Miami"...

    but i havent heard anything lately...

    don't ever become content with SCI...

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    maybe it's like the united way, the guy running makes boo co bucks and could careless. just a thought

    i only wanted to have some fun

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    Wise posted something from them in which Barth Green said a cure might come in 5 years.

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    another 5 years? can't somebody fix that record?

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    I attended a symposium back in 1988. Barth Green was the featured speaker and, when asked, admitted 3 to 5 years was reasonable for some type of cure. Of course, it wasn't an outright prediction, but certainly energized everyone. The timeframe 3 to 5 years became a mantra back then.

    Sigh....only 17 years have flown past.Glaciers move faster than science.


    ~Gentleness in speech and action goes a long way
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    I have been known to rag MP from time to time. But the fact is, they are well funded, have tremendous talent and potential, and have been researching probably longer than most.

    It would seem they would have made enough real world progress by now to have restored a couple of levels of function, giving quads independence, at a minimum.

    Dr. Green saying 5 more years in a world where active SCI human trials are taking place NOW seems perilous.

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    DA, no one at the Miami Project relaxes as much as you

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    aren't they at another fund raiser?


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