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Thread: What a difference PAIN makes

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    On good days I love life even as a C 4/5 complete, The bad days which I have more and more of it has me just wanting to curl up in a ball close my eyes and never wake up again!

    I'm tiered of pain, I'm tiered of infections, I tiered of it ALL
    arndog said, one becomes a hurt animal who will snap at loved ones. That's true and I often think if our animals were in this much pain we would put them down.

    Yet here I am another day gone by and hoping, praying I get some sleep only to wake up tommorrow and do it all over again..I KNOW I should be thankful because there are people MUCH WORSE off then I am it's just hard to think in those terms.
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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    I agree with everything you've all said.... sometimes i say to myself why the fuck did i snap or yell like that at someone? wow... sometimes the pain is so bad i want & do scream till im spent. Some days are better but the pain is there lurking, peaking around the corner waiting. Well i feel a little better venting, thanx! xxoo

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