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Thread: I don't mean to be nosey but......

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    I don't mean to be nosey but......

    How much do you pay for auto insurance. I have Progressive and pay 1120.00 a year on a 99 ford van that does about 2500 miles a year.
    The reason I'm asking is I lost the article and this guy got a brand new ford fusion was paying less than 800 using this device.
    My wife has been drive 20 years with no point on her license.
    I do plan on trying Snapshot.
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    I've had Progressive for years, and after using Snapshot, I saved about 33% on my monthly premium. But I work from home and don't drive much.

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    Did you talk to your insurance agent to figure out how much you can save? Do you have the right levels of coverage?

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    I think you are paying a lot. But it all depends on a lot of things: where you live, who is driving, etc. Annual or semi-annual payments I think are cheaper also.

    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    will try it out as well in june when I have to renew for july. I pay 135 every month.
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    i pay 54/mo with geico
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    I'm thinking you might be paying for those commercials. Low 3's/6m on a 06, high 3's/6m on a 13, 100/300 full coverage and semi-redlined area (Chicago city limits), with State Farm. HO insurance and multi-discount applied, but still, nearly 6oo/6m is kinda steep on a '99.

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    I sell auto insurance. And here is how it works. You can't look at what someone else is paying because every person is rated by their criteria. The main criteria's are credit score, education, job title and home ownership. And of course every area has there own criteria like south Florida is a lot more expensive then Ohio.

    Then there are discounts like marriage, multi cars, mileage, and etc.

    Now take a single guys great credit and he's has a master degree. Works as a bank manager. Has one speeding ticket no accidents. His premium might be 500.00 for 6 months. Now take the same guy take away his education, give him poor credit and keep everything else the same. His premium could be over 2000.00. And I am going by south Florida area.

    Now the problem with being disabled and not working is they rate that as not working and you will take a big hit on that.

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    I have 2 dings on my record over the past 5yrs (one speeding ticket, one claim I shouldn't've made to fix a tailgate after backing into a pickup's bumper in a parking lot – only damaged my car), paying $1400ish/year for 2 drivers on 2 vehicles, bundled w/ renters insurance for our apartment.

    Insurer is Erie.

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    I pay $1092 a year on 2011 Toyota Venza and 2012 Ford F150 for full coverage. We are with USAA for auto and home. We have progressive for motorcycle insurance on 2008 Honda Goldwing which runs us $397 for full coverage on bike and pull behind trailer.
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    $1,500/yr for Windsor ... notoriously high here in a border town. '04 Saturn Ion.

    Never an accident in 23yrs of driving ... last ticket was more than five years ago.
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