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Thread: Anyone use a Total Gym?

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    Anyone use a Total Gym?

    I'm thinking of getting a Total Gym. I'm a walking para with an L1/L5 injury. I'm interested to know if others in the CareCure community have used one and what you think of it.

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    I have a simiiar machine made by Weider. Love it. You can get your work out done in a flash and are able to use your arms to help your legs when needed. I got mine before I could walk and use all the time.

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    What is your function like?

    My Dad is L3 Asia C, walks with forearm crutches. He got one, and has only used it once. He finds it hard to get on/off, and difficult to simply reach to get the straps/cord things. It is also strangely hard to move the levels up and down (I totally mashed my fingers once...). He spent about 800 bucks for it and it is never used. The one he tried once at a gym was a little better (easier to move up/down) but was still awkward.

    So for us, it seemed good in theory, but is hard to use. You may be much more flexible then my Dad, so I recommend going somewhere to try one before buying....

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    The Weider is $125.00 at Walmart. Its called the Total Body 5000. I would transfer from my chair to it. I would pull the cords down while I was in my wheelchair and transfer while I had them in my hands. It would have been hard for me to reach them otherwise. I can see where that would be an issue. Truly is a walker.

    It is possible to be ASIA C and use crutches? I left the hospital ASIA C and couldn't move against gravity.

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    Thanks for the info! I'll look at the Weider, too. The Total Gym has a pretty good return policy so there's some comfort in that. I've gone about as far as I can without weight resistance and really need to step it up. I have pretty good function, can walk without assistance at home, but have the usual nagging deficits of some things just not working all that well. I'm never sure how things will go until I give them a try.

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    I would strongly consider getting a Krankcycle.
    The other thing I have is this:
    you can use a w/c or stand in between the cables or use a bench. Neither are cheap.

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    I use free weights. Not know anything about what you are asking, but I did just look at it. You may want to find out what kind of weight/resistance you would start at for exercises. What are you attempting to do/goal? What kind of time frame are you looking at? Is this lifetime or just to get you to another level?
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    Free weights work for me as well. I have a cage that makes it safer for me to work on my own. Plus with poor balance I always have something to grab onto.

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    This Total Gym is expensive but it does allow you to adjust the height/resistance while you are on the machine. It is great to transfer on to it flat and then raise it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonecoaster View Post
    Free weights work for me as well. I have a cage that makes it safer for me to work on my own. Plus with poor balance I always have something to grab onto.
    do you have something like this:?

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