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i am gonna try FES this summer. the only issue is that it is a 40min drive to get to the place with the machine!! hope you notice some results (ps: i'm 28yrs post in may. never too late!)
cryptic, I hope it works out well for you too! Let us know.

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I have noticed a little more strength. I wish one day it will wake up my core muscles so I don't flop over in my chair. I now work both the abdomen and the back on separate days. This seems to be working better.

I also notice way stronger muscle contracting when I have a spasm. I would think I would have 6 pack abs by now... but still just a pony keg.
The good thing is that I am not on any meds for my spasms so it might be helping with that. I couldn't stand what baclofen did to me so I got off of it as soon as I could.
I would love to get a little more support in my core. I'm not on baclofen, but my spasticity is intense. I'm stretching a ton and trying to stand more.

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I use it but not regularly, I have been pretty lax lately I really need to get back on it.
You need to ride it consistently to really benefit from it!