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Thread: Roses of Spring

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    Some more from this week. Enjoy!!


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    And a couple more:


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    Beauti'ful, KLD. How many varieties do you have? Could we see a photo of your whole rose garden? My favorite has always been the J.F.K. Such a wonderful fragrance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Some more from this week. Enjoy!!

    Wow, 2-5 are very nice!
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    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing a little spring with us. I'd love to get a digital SLR, but they are still out of my budget.

    I just read in the paper that I may not be able to get Impatiens this year .

    IN THE GARDEN: A Pox on Your Flowers

    Impatiens, a favorite of home gardeners, is under siege in the United States and Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Beauti'ful, KLD. How many varieties do you have? Could we see a photo of your whole rose garden? My favorite has always been the J.F.K. Such a wonderful fragrance.
    I have 18 roses (all different) in raised beds in the back yard, and two in wine barrels on the front patio. I don't have a JFK, but the ones I posted range from Marilyn Monroe to Chihuly, Veterans' Honor to Black Magic, Peace, and St. Patrick and French Lace. Here is a picture of the overall back yard rose beds (raised beds I installed myself...I have awful clay soil otherwise). You can see two of the 3 raised beds here. You can see a peak of my tomato plants behind the roses too.


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    I gave up trying to grow either tea or floribunda roses in Maryland. If it wasn't black spot or a fungus then the gazillions of Japanese beetles would eat them. Yours are beautiful and you should try a JFK in its own container because of its beautiful scent. Love your Peace rose!

    I am planning on container hydrangas back here in Wisconsin although a miniture bush rose might get a space...
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    AMAZING Thank you for sharing .

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    OMG where oh where do you live, i NEED to shoot in your garden!!!!!


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    Some more roses...having a banner year this year!


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