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Thread: Roses of Spring

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    Roses of Spring

    Roses a little late this year (didn't get pruning done until late February, so no roses by Easter), but they are coming on like gangbusters now...


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    and a few more

    a few more from today...


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    Wow, these are beautiful, KLD. We're still getting snow here so this was a very welcomed sight!

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    The blush pink one ... beautiful!
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    Beautiful KLD!

    I have been giving my roses a good bit of TLC this year and hoping to see some nice results.

    Pruned around March 1 ( in Virginia), fed Miracle Gro, turned the soil up and mulched. Hoping for blooms early to mid May.

    You've got beautiful colors and varieties! Enjoy!
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    Nice KLD, I soooo love roses, ours are at least 6 weeks away, still have crocuses and the daffodils are still just beginning.


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    I always enjoy your flower garden photos, KLD - gorgeous roses.
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    I got things blooming all around. Even out cutting grass most of afternoon.

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