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Thread: Inclined Bed Study

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    Inclined Bed Study

    Just a note to advise people of my new email address and to ask if any more people here are sleeping on the inclined bed, and if so could you please send in your experiences.

    New email address: remove the (Remove) from the email address to mail me with updates please. (Remove)

    Andrew K Fletcher

    "Go With The Flow"

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    Request for people willing to test a simple intervention to see if measurable recovery from spinal cord injury follows from simply altering the angle at which we sleep, and changing our sitting posture.

    It does not matter how long you have had your spinal cord injury you are welcome to take part in this study.

    There are no costs invloved either, other than modifying your bed.

    I have provided some links to other posts on this site and a link to an introduction to the theory that supports this study.

    The concept developed from a new understanding of how gravity drives fluids, discovered at the end of 1993.

    Wise, and I discussed the best way forward, and he suggested an online diary type study could prove helpful in determining the effects of this simple therapy. I agree with him and hope that some of you will be interested in exploring this therapy and post your results as and when you notice changes in the Europe Chapter Forum.

    I have chosen the European Chapter forum so as not to disrupt the Cure forum, and hope that we can conduct this research in the peaceful environment of this forum.

    If you feel you would like to do something positive and feel this is something you would like to try, then please feel free to join us in the Europe forum.

    Thank you

    Andrew K Fletcher
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    Wise, RE: edema

    Marsha has posted an update on the inclined bedstudy which shows edema to be resolved by raising the head end of the bed.

    Also Kerr Douglas has reported improvements in edema.

    Marsha tried the conventional raising of the legs but this did not work for her. Now she has done the opposite and has no more problems with edema in the lower legs, ankles and feet.

    This fits with the prediction I made based on the pilot study results and also with the talk we had in the chat forum.

    There are 4 more people who have recently said they will be joining the study to see if we can generate more compelling results. But I feel, as the main argument against my theory was the risk of someone getting edema by raising the head end of the bed. The results so far suggest this argument at least is in need of some serious re-thinking.

    But this result alone should also add credence to the case histories I supplied during an earlier attempt to test this therapy.

    Marsha also adds that she is experiencing pain around the pelvic area, which according to the earlier case reports maybe a precursor to more improvements.

    Both Kerr Douglas and Marsha have also reported improvements in urine output and Kerr especially notes improvements in clarity of urine.

    Look forward to your reply with interest


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    Thumbs up Significant improvements now achieved

    Dear Wise

    Marsha has now posted an update which has shown significant improvements after only 3 months of substituting inclined bedrest for horizontal bedrest!

    Marsha is continuing to show more signs of improvement, which she will share with us soon.

    I would welcome entertaining some of your thoughts regarding this.

    For anyone who is reading this that would like to join our free online diary study, please make contact.

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    Merry Christmas from Texas!
    I would be delighted to participate in your very interesting sounding study, if you think you can tolerate a Texan in your midst?

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    Merry Christmas to you Don

    Would be very happy to have a Texan onboard with our study

    Quite a few people are now beginning to join us to see what the long term benefits of avoiding flat bedrest can do for them.

    Most important thing is to make sure your whole bed is tilted from head to toe. If you have difficulty in figuring how to do this with your bed, contact me and I might be able to figure a way to do it.

    So many people have read this information and believe it is too simple to have any effect on a spinal cord injury. But as we can now see from Marsha's improvements in just three months, it clearly does have a very positive effect on the whole body, including the nervous system.

    Best way to begin with is to start at a six inch incline, raising the bed to an eight inch incline when you feel comfortable with the changes.

    If you would like to talk feel free to contact me at home on landline. +441803524117

    I do know of several others trying this, and awaiting their posts in the Europe Forum, so keep an eye open for them as and when they arrive.

    Kind regards


    P.S. read your profile and would like to ask you a question relating to hydrogen production.
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    Would the Mattress Genie provide the desired incline. Attached is the link. It works like an adjustable bed so it would bend and not continue a gradual incline thru the hips to the feet. I don't think my husband would like the bed to be inclined at all times.

    Let me know.

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    Hi Linda

    Definitely not.

    Inclining only the upper half of the body causes compression on the spine and buttocks. Having the inclined bed correctly set as per the drawing provides the opposite effect allowing a gentle decompression / traction on the spine during the night. Furthermore, having the legs level instead of sloping down will not allow the circulation in the nervous system or the arteries and veins to receive the same stimuli as the inclined bed does.

    Experiment with both methods and you will soon see there is a vast difference between the two sleeping postures.

    I also think your husband will enjoy sleeping on the inclined bed, but and there is always a but unfortunately, the first two weeks can feel strange at first.

    Hope this helps you to decide to join us.

    Best wishes

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    Good job, but at least get rid of the bird - What's up? Flying - or?

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    Andrew, we'll adjust the bed for the incline this weekend. I'll send you the results when I have some.

    Also Leif... I think that it's an owl.

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