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    In a facility

    I recently came here to get IV antibiotics because this damn sore was getting worse. My mom has been talking about me moving out for a while now and I was just hoping to heal up this pressure sore before I went anywhere. Now I'm stuck here, actually going upstairs to the long-term care section to live until I find somewhere else. I've been here two weeks and my pressure sore it looks great, maybe the size of a $.50 piece now, but seeing as I've had lots of caregiver problems recently and since my insurance thanks that I'mmoved out into a facility they cut off my caregiving funds. I don't know what to do. I'm in tears whenever I start thinking about it. I'm going to start looking for a place down by ASU so I can get going on my schooling. I can't afford to pay but my mom it's to get for renting out my house so I guess this is it. I just hope I can find an apartment complex that has caregiving with it that my insurance will help with. I'm so depressed.
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    that is very depressing and prolly moving into the long term care portion caused your insurance to do the switch(they cannot and will not pay for both simultaneous). call them and talk to them about what happens when you're released as they will most likely switch back. just focus on healing.
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    It is very depressing bieng in a place like that. For now, like the previous poster said, try and concentrate on healing. Depending on how deep the wound is, that may take some time. Once you are healed, I'm sure that if you qualified once for services, that you will qualify again. In the meantime, if you have your computer available, research for housing in your area, and put in applications where you can. You will probably be put on a waiting list, so the sooner you get your name in the better. I hope everything works out for you. You have been through so much already.

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    RY, look into the program, "Money follows the person". It is intended to get people out of LTC and into the community. It is a federal program that states implement. Unfortunately, everything is tied with the sequestration in DC.

    We have really never talked on CC all these years but I will make you a promise. Once you are healed and ready to return to the community, I will help you make the programs work for you. It is a promise. PM me if you want before then but I will do everything I can to help get you into the community and out of LTC.

    For now, focus on healing, learn nutritional tricks that will help, etc. We can talk/PM anytime you are ready.
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    Wonderful cheesecake regarding your commitment!

    The only help I can give to ryebread is yes, healing, but while doing so contact many resources, including your facility's social worker. They are trained in "discharge planning". Tell him/her what you want to happen.

    Also wouldn't hurt to look up Disability Services office at the college you are interested in, and see if they have any resources for you since you are looking at enrolling at some point.

    I was in such a facility for five months, did not have the housing issues but wow, it's hard to stay focused and not get depressed when you see so many heart-wrenching situations around you. One little thing I did was tie therabands to the railings of my bed and kept exercising even when awake in the middle of the night. It helped my sanity and building back my strength.

    Keep in mind that CareCure and others 'have your back' !!

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    I keep suggesting it - try the electrical stimulation for healing and for maintaining! It does indeed work! Vitamin and nutritional supplements do indeed work as well - I'm living proof. I still have my left leg and foot.

    Maybe the school can help as they must have had disabled students before? Now's a good time to catch up on any courses you may need for entrance online while you wait to heal??? If anything, it will keep your mind off of your situation.

    Keep coming back to CareCure. Hope the above can help you when the time comes.
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    Oh Ryan. It sucks that you are between a rock and hard place with the insurance and caregiver situation. Then the situation at home that you have spoken about before.

    As the other people said-focus on healing and if see if there there is a social worker that is willing to help. I know it can be a crap shoot getting a good one.
    Also please keep cheesecake in mind.

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    I deeply sympathize as I've been in a nursing home for 5 years now. It is not fun and care is not quality considering severe understaffing of nursing homes nationwide. I agree with most here--focus on healing right now. Cheesecake seems to be knowledgeable about a program. Be prepared to direct your care and become familiar with nursing home resident rights. Once your healed, find a support group and start making short trips out. Contact VESID to get help on the education process.

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    ABIL has a program specifically designed to help Arizona residents transition out of nursing homes to integrated community living. It was managed by Fernando Cruz, but I think he just moved back to the res to focus on the Tohono O'odham nation. When you're ready, contact them.
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    Ry, it breaks my heart to hear the pain and fear you are experiencing. Yes, you must focus on healing. I am currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach practitioner. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. I am sending positive thoughts & prayers your way.
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