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Thread: Caregiver Pay by Govt?

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    Caregiver Pay by Govt?

    My mother recently had to leave her job and move in with me to serve as my caregiver. I am receiving SSDI as well as disability insurance benefits from my employer. Are there any programs that will allow my Mother to receive some sort of financial compensation for caregiving since she had to leave her job? If so, is it income sensitive?

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    Each state is different. I would recommend contacting your local Independent Living Center (ILC) to see if you qualify for any programs that would allow you to "hire" your mother as your caregiver. Such programs are generally income dependent, but it is based on your income, not hers.


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    I would begin by contacting the GA Spinal Cord Injury trust fund. They will be able to direct you to appropriate programs.

    If your income is too high, a "spend down" may be considered. Start paying your mom for your care and keeping track as to how many hours per week you really and realistically need. Then calculate what you will need for school and or return to work.
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    I am paid to be my husband's caregiver through our state.
    I had to leave my job because there was not an agency in our area that would accept someone with his needs. (C3 complete with a trach)
    He had to qualify for medicaid before he was accepted. We spend down most of his private disabilty insurance (like AFLAC) and is SS.
    Each state is different-the caseworker is through our county.

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    Your local ILC is your best best, as SCI-Nurse said every state has different Medicaid rules.

    There are 2 key questions:
    Do you qualify for Medicaid?
    Is there a program in GA you qualify for that allows for payment to family caregivers?

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    I think it is determined by state. In NC, a family member or wife cannot be a paid caregiver.

    Calling this number may help you with the information you need.
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    Yes in NC, we are just free labor. lol
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    In Illinois a spouse or parent can not be paid as caregivers but children or siblings can be. This may have changed but it was the Medicaid law in 1997 when my Grandmother died. My Uncle and his girlfriend cared for her the last 3 years of her life.
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