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Thread: It's so hard, what keeps you going

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    It's so hard, what keeps you going

    Struggle is an understatement. I know we are all challenged, but I feel, no, know how quickly I am losing ground right now.

    Can't keep up, don't know how to quit.

    There is no activity that does not have exquisite agony as a part of it anymore often lasting days past the brief interlude of distraction.

    So many of you are so upbeat I am almost embarrassed to write this, but who else could begin to understand.

    Committed to 6 more months of the struggle to get my doc to fight fro Prialt and am on it, but it is so hard, so hard. I am weary.

    I meditate, I so try to see everything beautiful around me, but I can't keep this up.

    How do you keep going? you've always shared my darkest hours and been kind, supportive. I am lost, I am gone, there is no light left in my soul.

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