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Thread: Thigh Leg Bags

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    Thigh Leg Bags

    What is the best way or best bag to use if you want to wear shorts and keep my leg bag concealed? I also have a suprapubic catheter if that helps.

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    Both Urocare and Sierra make "sports" bags that are designed to be worn on the thigh, and can be covered by board-type shorts (not short shorts). You need to decide on right or left leg, and they are not the largest capacity bags, so you may need to empty more often. They can be used by those who have indwelling urethral or SP catheter, or by those who use an external condom catheter or even a urinary ostomy.


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    otoh, I have worn the short n wide (not sports bag) from urocare on my thigh for 26 yrs or so. now my dme says medicare won't pay for the quick drain tubing I need to empty it. no, this is not some fancy electric thing. it is simply a plastic valve with a plastic lever so I can rotate it w/o fingers. medicare sux. I also was denied the urocare bag for 2 yrs after being on medicare. finally got the bag but is useless if I can't get this drainage valve. bag comes with no tubing and a twist drainage valve. Care Medical is the dme.

    this is what i'm talking about. 26 yrs of independence, working, paying into the system and medicare won't pay. they also are refusing 2 foleys/month despite my dr's orders. I had a blocked foley last Friday, dysreflexia and all. and, yes, daisy, I am questioning and fighting them every step. btw, the dme says I can buy this for 40 bucks...or was it 50? it's ridiculous.

    sorry to hijack this thread.
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    the tubing is very frustrating to me. alpine is expensive but durable, it included the tubing but you could choose not use it. I walk on two thigh height kafos whenever i'm outside of my apt., and the tubing is completely unecessary and causes the bag to function less effectively. it moves around while i walk, and if it isn't lined up straight the urine backs up into the condom before it goes into the bag. i really have no idea what the function of the tubing is, i don't like it anymore when i use the wheelchair. can someone clear this up for me?
    for the short thing, smaller capacity and less tubing. i use the pool at my condo a lot, and will actually fold one of the bags in half and run 1 strap through all four strap holes. i cut most of the tubing away and leave enough to reinsert the nozzle into. still have to use a pretty long short, within a handswidth of the top of my knee

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    If you go to a hardware or farm store you can find clear plastic tubing for a few cents a foot. I won't kink like the surgical stuff. You probably can find a small valve there too. I've been using a brass connector I picked up at a hardware store 15 years ago.

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    I use a night drainage bag when I wear shorts. I hang a bag behind my legs under my wheelchair that I can sit the urinary drainage bag in so that way it is concealed and no one can ever notice.
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    I just use a standard bag and fold it back over itself. I end up with half the capacity, so it must be emptied often. I use one strap to hold it in place. Of course there is no tube, bag connected directly to catheter. Easy to empty into the toilet because of the length of the bag. Using this now as I post.
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    I would like to know the best bag to use as well, and also have a suprapubic catheter. I have not worn shorts/capris since my injury because of this issue, and would really like to in the hot summers. I've contemplated using a belly bag... people seem to like them, but I would be paranoid that the tubing would kink and/or I would leak. It just seems like the tubing and bag should be well below the cath site for proper drainage.
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    I have a sp tube and I use either an Alpine bag (short-wide) or a belly bag with shorts. I have not had any issues using either regarding drainage or leakage. Of course, by saying this I am now cursed...

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    I wear my leg bag.

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