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Thread: Happy Birthday betheny

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    "Happy Birthday" Betheny. Not sure if you're still in hospital but hope you're feeling better and celebrating your special day.

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    Ahoy-Hoy, Betheny! Happy Birthday!
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    I hope it was nice.

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    happy birthday !

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    Happy b-day to the lady who consistently makes me shoot coffee out my nose reading her posts.

    birthday in the hospital, that sucks. Oh well, I'm sure you made the best of it. I just wish some of your CC fam was there to give you the birthday bumps.

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    It's still your birthday on this coast, so happy birthday Bethany.
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    Happy Birtday!
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    Happy Happy, wishing you good things! And Peace this year.



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    happy birthday! hope you're feeling better, have a good year ahead.

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    Happy Birthday!
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