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Thread: Anybody have experience with this pressure relieve mattress pad

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    Anybody have experience with this pressure relieve mattress pad

    Anyone have used or have experienced with the mattress pad or cushion?

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    Well, there is no mattress, pad, or device for a bed that RELIEVES (eliminates) pressure. There are products that REDUCE pressure. We evaluated the one that you list, and found it ineffective in significantly reducing pressure. Their claims that it reduces shear are not supported by their own testing...since there is no tool for assessing shear except for laser blood flow study results (which they did not do). It is also only designed for use with you supine (laying on your back) and has no documentation of utility on your side or prone (face down), and is difficult to place independently (in fact it interferes with independent turns).

    There are mattress overlays that can provide some pressure reduction including overlays made by Roho, some good quality foam overlays such as the GeoMatt or Biogard AFT, but overlays cannot provide as much pressure reduction as a good quality pressure reducing mattress such as LAL (low air loss) or even a good quality memory (viscoelastic) foam mattress.


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    Thanks a lot. So glad I asked before buying. So I have a LAL mattress already and I spent lots of time in bed using my computer for work and leisure. Any cushion to recommend? Or I just need frequent pressure relieve turns every hour or so still? Anyone have any idea I can sit longer period of time?

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    Even the best pressure reducing mattress will be less effective in a seated position. In addition, you start to get a significant amount of shear across your heels, ischiums, sacrum, and scapulas when the head of the bed (HOB) is elevated over 30 degrees no matter what surface you are on. It would be much better skin-wise to be up in your wheelchair, using a properly fit cushion, than to spend long periods of time sitting up in bed.


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    I ask my DME to pressure map a cushion before I buy it. Other than that, make sure you shift positions frequently to relieve pressure.

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    Ok, Thanks for all the in-puts. Best solution is to lie down and pressure relieve more I guess. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyran21 View Post
    Anyone have used or have experienced with the mattress pad or cushion?

    Here's the link to their clinical study:

    12 healthy volunteers and 10 SCI patients (who had recently undergone spine surgery) were tested supine on PURAP for 15 minutes.

    "The pad reduced the peak sacral pressure in the patient group by 23% (range = 11%-42%) and in the volunteers by 32% (range = 19%-46%)

    "Discussion: Peak sacral pressure was reduced when PURAP was used. It covers only the sacral area but could help many patients with spinal cord injury because the prevalence of sacral pressure ulcers is high in this group. PURAP may be economically advantageous in countries and hospitals with limited financial resources needed for more expensive mattresses and cushions."

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    Thanks 2drwhofans for the link. Is left butt cheek but towards the inner mid consider sacral area region?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyran21 View Post
    Thanks 2drwhofans for the link. Is left butt cheek but towards the inner mid consider sacral area region?
    A photo and a post for assistance from the SCI Nurses would be helpful in answering your skin sore question.

    With regards to the study link posted above, there's no claim their device should be the primary pressure relief treatment for existing sacral sores or that it even provided more than 15 minutes of mild pressure reduction in supine patients without sores.

    The "fluid technology" advertised on their website is a thin layer of mineral oil inside the cushion.

    Caveat emptor..let the buyer beware.

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    Thanks, kinda feel the study just there to show the product have little bit of pressure reduction.

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