View Poll Results: Do you get Autonomic Dysreflexia during your Bowel Program?

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Thread: Do you get Autonomic Dysreflexia during your Bowel Program? (Poll)

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    Post Do you get Autonomic Dysreflexia during your Bowel Program? (Poll)

    Please only vote if your injury level is high enough to experience Autonomic Dysreflexia.

    Please comment if you think the poll is lacking something.
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    Yes, every time!!! Sleeping for a few hours sometimes helps if my colon does not go into bad spasms. Taking 10 mg of Diazepam helps a lot.
    Just another tricky day. C5/6 incomplete, 43 years out.

    You'll get through.

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    I do every time but it is minimal. It alerts me to the fact that I am starting to go.
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    symptoms yes, but not full blown AD. runny nose usually

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    Matt gets the hiccups.

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    Not really... I get a little clammy sweat on my neck, but I don't count that as AD.

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    Since most of us seem to have consistent symptoms every time, can you change the poll to cover the level of AD rather than frequency?

    I don't know the right categories, but something like:
    __ None
    __ Mild Sweating
    __ Headache
    __ Heavy sweating
    __ Other

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    mild to moderate symptoms every time. that is profuse sweating, chills, jumping legs, pounding heart, nausea, and a few times I fainted.

    I know I need to go when I get symptoms, so in a way getting autonomic symptoms prevents surprise accidents, since they start mild and get stronger the more urgent the need for a potty.

    I should not get AD, but I do get it rather predictably, and severely depending on the cause.

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    I usually get the runny nose also and sometimes that clammy sweaty feeling along with slight dizziness. Thankfully no headaches. I have sensation when I need to go and usually try to take a suppository. Of course as with most AD once you're done going the AD disappears. At least with me it does.

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