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Thread: Studied computer science/engineering??

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    Liked it a lot. Very flexible, very accommodating for a disabled person. An ideal career for a quad in many ways because all that really matters is the code that you write when you get down to it. If you'd like I can hook you up by email to him. PM me if you'd like to talk to him.
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    if you enjoy solving puzzles then programming is for you. also it requires thinking in a new language and making sure everything is logical and flows
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    zilla..I give a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!! Way to go! I did everything from working with punched cards to project management/implementations all around the country until my accident. I LOVED that work.

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    On possible misconception you may have is that you need some sort of ability to type quickly and be a good coder. Nothing could be further from the truth. Writing software is all about quality and not quantity. I am not a quad but have coded and managed software engineers since the late 80s. There is a dire shortage of skilled people with excellent, hell even good computer science skills that if you have the brain for it you will be able to get a job making excellent money.

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    I'm AB and I can't type worth a cr@p. Some at work make fun of me because I delete as many characters as I type. Can't do musical fingering either. I hate modern keyboards where you basically have to hold your fingers up all day. I type best on an old fashioned manual typewriter.
    I wasn't interested in computing until GUIs and OO came out. Then it became more about designing and less about memorizing syntax and typing. Ability to learn fast, focus on very complex problems, and troubleshoot are the best attributes of a SW engineer.

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