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    I read everyone seems to have problems going to bathroom I can/tseem to quit thank goodness for colostomy. but here lately seems in cycles I am going thru 4 to 8 bags a day as I can/t stand

    for a dirty bag. should I break this habit or.. I hate that everytime I turn around I fel the need to change my diet may cause chili cottage cheese yougart scrambled eggs and cheese Alfred noodle and chicken

    that's basic what I eat I started taking immodean today as I am tired of it how safe is that

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    At what level is your colostomy? Ascending colon? Transverse colon? Descending colon? The higher up in the colon, the more liquid the stool, and the more likely that you will pass stool through the stoma multiple times a day. Are you using only disposable bags? Most people use bags you can empty, and rinse the inside of the bag, then reseal. Even my clients on bed rest who have good hand function do this independently. Use of Imodium on a routine basis is not a good idea. Use of diet to firm up stool is better, but even that is not going to guarantee that you don't have multiple passages of stool from your stoma a day, esp. if it is high up in the colon. I suggest you meet again with your CWOCN (ostomy nurse) and review your management, supplies, meds and diet related to your colostomy.


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    hmm it right across from belly button diet u saw I have not seen the dr or nurses that did my colostomy since I was release in 2008 2007 something like that it seem the older I get it just getting looser I don/t like those bags never felt clean they had them at hospital years aga the ones with the clip? thanks for answering as I really don/t eat that much I don/t think

    merry christmas

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    Agree with KLD stop use of imodium - get a bulking agent like metamucil to thicken the consistency of stool. Start with a small amount like 1 tsp then adjust the dose to get the right dose with the right consistency.


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