For starters I am a male c5/6 27yo 6y post. I have been having alot of issues with my bowel program since I started it. I use a magic bullet every night. I get alot of constipation and AD during the passage of stool. I also have had increased spasms n pain over the past year or two. Its to the point where I'm stuck in bed most the day because I can only sit up so long without the underlying AD feeling creeping up. Its like my whole body gets tight(ready to spasm hard), I get anxious, my upper gut/lower chest tightens up, feel bloated, it gets hard to breath, its hard to focus, n i feel slightly dizzy. Then I lay down and/or pass gas(very little unless dig stim) and feel better(most of the time). Also after BP's I sometimes have to fight real AD symptoms for hours(sweats, headache, face tingling).

With all that being said I have seriously considered getting a colostomy. It can't be any worse that what I'm dealing with, right? I've read tons of great threads on here about them and the common saying is "I should of done it sooner." I've already seen a surgeon who is ready to do it but I can't bring myself to schedule he surgery. I keep getting cold feet.. I just feel like I'm defacing my precious broken body even further.

Ok.. Sorry for the rant but I guess I'm just looking for some encouragement to push me in the right direction.

Also(sorry to be long):

1) How does the colostomy get along with a supra pubic catheter?

2) I'm pretty hairy.. Could that seriously complicate the adhering of the bags?