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Thread: Be gone awhile

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    Welcome back brucec ... my condolences on the deaths in your family.
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    Thanks all, was hell for a while, just didn't a darn about anything, slept alot, but back at work now full time again and loving this warmer weather finally
    thanks again
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    Sorry for your loss of your loved ones Bruce, good to see you again.

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    Such hard stuff...sorry for your loss of important people in your life. I'm glad you're feeling like coming back. God bless the next season of your life.

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    welcome back.

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    Hoping each day is a little better. Hang in there.

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    So sorry for all the sadness in your life recently. I hope things get better soon!

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    Welcome back sorry about your loss....
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    Sorry for your losses.
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    So sorry about your losses! There's nothing like losing your mom. I lost mine in Nov too. Then I lost two pets..seems to always hit in 3's! Hang in there

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