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Thread: SM...this is insane

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    id like to meet that Dr.

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    where in Iowa are you? I lived near winterset for seven years and went to creston community college, as well as summer classes at ames.

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    He is in Waterloo IA. Covenant hospital. I'm from Waterloo originally but live 30mi away now. I know where Winterset and Creston is and a major ISU fan!
    I miss my birds and being able to run! Syrinx's at T2-T6 and T9-T10 prominence of CC at T7-8 DDD at T6-7,T7-7 and T8-9, fusion at C5,6,7, in other words totally screwed up lol

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    I had a Cuban P.A. in orthopedics at Walter Reed. He had a problem listening to patients in general. I think the military and VA hires refugee doctors as PAs and most look at what appears to be another 6 full years of med school to go back to be doctors and give up. Makes for cranky PAs no matter where they are from. Here in Madison I've had wonderful RNs who came over and had to start as CNAs and go back to get a BSN and they do it. They are some of the best most compassionate nurses I've dealt with.

    BTW, are your problems all post-service?
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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